Environmental Footprint

We recognise that businesses need to be more environmentally aware, and do their bit to help stop climate change.
Belgian Delights is very proud to share that we have incorporated strategies to help conserve the environment, all while producing Australia's most amazing chocolates.
We believe it's vital to help conserve the environment, so we try to leave a minimal footprint. Ways we do this include introduction of LED lighting throughout our premises to lower energy usage, through to having minimal water wastage in our production processes, we are taking all the necessary steps to protect our natural environment.  In 2014 we commissioned the installation of a large solar power system that provides up to half our electrical energy requirements during the summer months.
We predominantly use recyclable packaging, to minimise environmental impact after consumption and in conjunction with this we recycle paper based waste.
We are constantly researching and evolving our practices to further reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste.