Our Brands

Our exquisite Belgian style chocolates are regularly manufactured for retail sale in specialty shops, international hotels, cafes and restaurants. We offer a broad selection of couverture chocolates to suit all tastes. Contact us for further information on our specialty retail chocolate lines, or to arrange an order today. Our friendly team are happy to offer assistance.

Belgian Delights

Belgian Delights

Decadent and delicious our premium, traditional Belgian style chocolates are made by expertly trained chocolatiers, born and authentically trained in Belgium. Our chocolates are made locally in Queensland, using superior designed European equipment for faster production and packaging. All of our chocolates are manufactured under strict manufacturing and quality controls. From individually wrapped couverture and boxed chocolates through to bulk manufactured chocolates for cabinet sales, we have all of your Australian specialty retail chocolate needs catered for.

Queensland Chocolate

Distinctly Australian-made using specialty ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers where possible. Our premium quality, Australian themed chocolate varieties are available for retail sale, with an extensive variety of packaging options available on request. Our premium Queensland chocolates are regularly sold to distributors retailing for tourism.

Local Cocoa

Local Cocoa is owned and run by the Verstreken family – a family of 3rd generation chocolatiers, born and trained in Belgium, but for many years now proud Australians. We source our raw cocoa directly from farmers in Far North Queensland. The cocoa pods are harvested by hand, which assists in quality control, reduces impact on the surrounding environment and ensures that they are picked when perfectly ripe.