Covid Chocolate Castle

Once upon a time a terrible virus began its nasty rule,
It spread indiscriminately from person to person, country to country, killing many in its wake.  Before long, the virus was given the title COVID-19 and it appeared nothing could stop this terrible beast from taking the world.

In Australia, borders were locked, flights were cancelled, schools were shut, all in an effort to control the COVID-19 beast.

Many businesses suffered terribly including a cherished chocolate factory, Belgian Delights.  For weeks, they tried to make good use of all that extra time. Educational videos were made, new recipes were written, and every corner of the factory was reorganised.

"No orders !!!" Muttered Monique on Monday morning.
What will we get Ashley to do?
From a dark corner in the factory, they heard a whisper. Make him build the beast a castle!

And so, bursting with excitement, Ashley ran to start his project and after many weeks of hard work the castle was complete.

Now all we need is to set a trap into the castle to kill the beast.
It’s now on display at Belgian Delights factory outlet, Molendinar, Gold Coast.
Come and check it out !!!