Chocolate Manufacturer VS Chocolate Maker

Do you know the difference between a chocolate factory that makes their own chocolate and one that conches or manufacturers their own chocolate?

Neither did I until I started working at Belgian Delights!! I would always assume that when a chocolate company advertised that they made their own chocolate, that they actually made it right there, on site.. I mean that’s what they want you to think right?

Now I’m a little wiser, still learning, but understand the difference between the two. Let’s face it, we want to know exactly where our food comes from, not just where it’s put together, so let us explain this.  There are enough confusing labels on our foods, some foods pass through too many hands to get to you and these companies can’t guarantee the end result if they had no control over the initial ingredients being made elsewhere!

A conch is the big mixing machine that we put raw ingredients into, tailored to our own recipe, it refines and mixes it to make the chocolate from scratch, a chocolate manufacturer.

But if you see “we make our own chocolate’, that can mean that the chocolate is already conched or manufactured elsewhere and then they melt it down again to ‘make’ chocolates, so it’s like an extra person or process. In simple terms, you could manufacture your own chocolate from scratch with ingredients, or buy chocolate to melt and then form into other chocolates or goods.

So, Belgian Delights chocolate is conched to our own family recipe, manufactured right here in Australia, which makes us very unique as we can offer the finest quality without the price tag, because we literally make it here. Australian made chocolate - conched in house. We also don’t need to then add a bunch of unnecessary ingredients to make things have a longer shelf life, so our range is proudly gluten free, GMO free, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, palm oil free and no preservatives.

Ask more questions about where your chocolate actually comes from, is it made in house from melted down chocolate or manufactured from scratch?